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A La Carte Menu

Small Plates, Starters and Soup

~Bistro Aix Country Bread w Extra-Virgin Olive Oil £3.00
~Gluten Free Corn Bread – with herbs butter £3.00
~Marinated Olives £4.00

~Saucisson Sec, gherkins £4.00
~Tempura Artichokes £5.00 (v)
~Escargot – in garlic butter 6: £6.50 12: £12.00
~Roquefort Créme Brulée £6.00
~Salmon and Cod Fishcakes – with tartar sauce £6.50 (v)

~Parma Ham, Melon and Mint  £8.00
~Batter Fried Squid – tartar sauce and lemon £6.50

~Seared Chicken Livers in red wine £7
~Pan Seared Foie Gras – with cherries in red wine and toasted brioche £14.00

~Green and Red Gazpacho £7
~Smoked Duck, Watermelon and Pine nut Salad £8
~Batter Fried Courgettes Ribbons – with lemon and parmesan £7.00 (v)
~Waldorf Salad– with apple, celery, Roquefort and walnuts £7.50 (v)

Main Courses


~Filet of Hake – with chargrilled broccoli, fork-crushed potatoes, pesto and red pepper coulis £16.00
~Filet of Seabream – with wilted spinach, tomato concasse and basil beurre blanc sauce £17.00


~Pigeon and Peas – wood pigeon breast, garden peas, bacon and black garlic sauce £16.00
~Roast Guinea Fowl Breast -with julienne of spring vegetables and Thyme jus £16.00
~Rabbit a la Moutard -with mustard sauce, julienne vegetables and sauteed potatoes £17.00
~Barbary Duck Breast with Roasted Peaches – and crispy pommes dauphines £17.00
~Mixed Grill -wRib-Eye steak, Chicken Skewers, Toulouse sausages, bearnaise sauce and frites £21.00

~Rack of Welsh Lamb – with sorrel sauce, gratin dauphinois and ratatouille  24.00
~Steak Tartare  minced filet of beef with classic garnish and pommes frites starter £10.00 and main £20.00

~Filet of Beef – with wild mushroom sauce and chargrilled broccoli £25.00
~Grilled 8oz Rib-Eye Pasture Raised Beef – 21-day Aged £23.00
with pommes frites and a choice of sauce: Béarnaise, au Poivre or au Bleu


Vegetarian Main Courses

~Potato Gnocchi – with broccoli, peas, red pepper and shaved parmesan £14.00
~Vegetarian Tart – with courgettes, spinach, goats cheese and mixed salad £13.00


Side Dishes £3.50

French Beans and Mangetout, wilted Spinach, Ratatouille, Mixed Salad, Pommes Frites, Gratin Dauphinois, fork crushed potatoes



~Exotic Pavlova, meringue, mango, passion fruit and vanilla whipped cream – £7.50
~Warm Chocolate Fondant, with vanilla ice cream and eau de vie cherries – £8.50
~Fresh Fruit Millefeuille – with vanilla creme patissiere £7.50

~Profiteroles, toffee ice cream and rich chocolate sauce – £7.00
~Crème Brulée£7.00
~Blueberry Tart – with wild sweet woodruff ice cream £7.50

~Peach and Almond Tart-with passion fruit sorbet £7.50
~Apple Tart Tatin, flambéed with Calvados, with vanilla ice cream – £7.50
~Baked Alaska flambéed with Cognac, sponge, vanilla ice cream, sorbet, meringue and red berry sauce – £8.50

~Our Own-made Ice Creams and Sorbets: Deux Boules£6.00
toffee, vanilla, rich chocolate, sweet woodruff
pear, mango, coconut-lime, raspberry, blood orange, passion fruit

~Nougat Glace, with almonds, dried fruits, strawberry coulis – £7.00
~Toasted Pecans, Crispy Honeycomb and Toffee Sauce, over vanilla ice cream – £7.00

~Agen Prunes soaked in Armagnac, over vanilla ice cream – £8.00
~Sorbets with Forzen Vodka, langue de chat biscuits – £8.00

~Chocolate Amaretto Truffles, Crispy Honeycomb and Langue de Chat Biscuits£5.00

~Cheese Platter,  selection from La Fromagerie, with dried fruits, walnuts and our country bread – £9.00 for 3£13.00 for 5


Menu last updated 04 July 2018. Pricing and dishes subject to change.

Dishes are representative of the type of food available at the restaurant.