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Bistro AIX

A beautiful French restaurant, well known among the locals, Bistro Aix is a chef-owned restaurant that has been serving up quality French cuisine since it was established in 2002. Our lovely dining room features original paintings and murals by Russian artist Genia Gritchin that provide a charming and ever-interesting backdrop.

A perfect setting for any private party (seating up to 28 guests), the back dining room is an intimate space with new and exciting murals recently commissioned by Genia Gritchin.  French doors open onto a delightful trompe-l’oeil garden mural.

Our menu is generous, slightly rustic, wholesome and always fresh .. and the sauces – the highlight of the world’s best home-style cuisine – are done here to perfection.

The wine list is mostly French, mostly biodynamic.

The dessert menu is irresistible!


Top Right: A view of Bistro AIX’s private room.

Bottom Right: The Team –  Lynne Sanders (chef/proprietor) with Chabane Belhadj (head                                                       chef) and Elodie Germain (general manager)