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We all enjoy sharing with our friends what we most enjoy ourselves. That is why so many of our customers celebrate special events with us – they know that we will create a memorable event that will impress and delight their friends and family.

Aix is the perfect setting for your party – whether it be a birthday, anniversary, Christmas party, annual club meeting or wedding reception. Our Private Dining Room seats up to 28 guests and is an intimate setting for a private dinner or reception. heart cholesterol. The main Dining Room seats up to 45 for larger events such as wedding parties.

We give special care to these event, always sitting down with the customer and planning every detail. The way we see it – it’s an opportunity to impress a whole room-full of potential new customers.. so we do not fail to ‘make it happen’.

We can also provide birthday and wedding cakes, a drinks reception with canapés, special decorations, floral arrangements, music, printed menus, name cards, or whatever you require.