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New Region On Our Wine List, Savoie!

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New to Bistro Aix, you can now enjoy wines from the Savoie region that we have added to our ever expanding wine list. With alpine and herbal notes, these wines are full of character and biodynamically produced so are sure to elevate your palate.

We are working with two new producers; Frederic, Domaine Giachino and Jacques Maillet, ‘Autrement’.
Frederic took over the 1.5 hectare family estate from his grandfather. He was later joined by his brother David, and together they progressively expanded the estate to 9 hectares, 6 of which are dedicated to the production of the most typical wine ‘Jacquère’. They made the decision to only grow grapes native to Savoie. By re-introducing natural predators and returning to traditional farming methods they earned the farm its organic status in 2006. ‘Our organic wines derive from a method of production that really respects the environment and its people’.

For Jacques Maillet is has been a lifelong dream realised. He was working conventionally for the local wine   co-op Chautagne and developed cancer from handling the numerous toxic chemicals that he had to use in his daily work. While battling his illness, he started to evaluate his farming practice and decided to work ‘Autrement’, or differently. It took him three years to recover and in 2003 he switched to biodynamic practices. His vineyards are on two lieu-dits overlooking the river Rhone, Les Vignes du Seigneur and Le Cellier des Pauvres. ‘I do not make wine, I grow grapes. I spend hours in my vineyard and listen to my grapes to really understand them‘. Jacques Maillet has a real respect for nature and it shines through in his wines.