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Black Garlic

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black garlic

Black Garlic starts as a premium quality white garlic but, after gentle heating and over several weeks, its cloves become sweet, dark and jellied . This is achieved through the ageing process only; there are no additives. This type of caramelized garlic was first used in Asian Cuisine. The taste is sweet and syrupy with hints of balsamic vinegar and tamarind. Black Garlic has twice the antioxidants of normal garlic, is low in fat, rich in natural sugars and leaves no smell or bad breath.

At Bistro Aix this week we are featuring Black Garlic in our special Breast of Guinea fowl with black garlic sauce, wild mixed mushrooms and fondant potato. The garlic is crushed and infused in veal stock, then reduced with a bit of cream and butter.

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Frank Cornelissen at Bistro Aix

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Frank Cornelissen at Bistro Aix

Last month we were lucky to have Frank Cornelissen (the second on the left) with his Uk and Spain suppliers having dinner at Bistro Aix. He makes Nerello Mascalese based wines between 800 and 900 meters on the Northern slope of the Mount Etna in Sicily, from mostly ungrafted and pre-philloxera vines, and he’s one of the most radical and known natural winemakers in the world – here is how he explains his hands-off approach: “Our farming philosophy is based on our acceptance of the fact that man will never be able to understand nature’s full complexity and interactions. We therefore choose to concentrate on observing and learning the movements of Mother Earth in her various energetic and cosmic passages and prefer to follow her indications as to what to do, instead of deciding ourselves. Consequently this has taken us to avoiding all possible interventions on the land we cultivate, including any treatments, whether chemical, organic or biodynamic, as these are all a mere reflection of the inability of man to accept nature as she is and will be”.

He really enjoyed the food at Bistro Aix, and we are enjoying his unique wines – you can find his “2012 Rosso del Contadino” and “2012 Munjebel VA” on our wine list.

The Contadino is normally available in our Wednesday Wine Tasting Evenings – hope you can join us!


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